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  • Dominic (Thursday, November 02 17 01:06 pm GMT)

    Such a lovely website. Charming places - everything perfect.

  • Richard B (Tuesday, April 10 12 11:09 pm BST)

    Hi John,
    Your work is amazingly awesome and inspiring. I find great pleasure in looking at your shots and look forward to more as you increase your portfolio. A word of warning though. Beware of judges at
    camera clubs they are capable of destroying your outlook and compositions. The rules do not apply to great inspirational photographers and you have the gift of seeing and taking good shots.

  • Carole A (Saturday, March 17 12 03:55 pm GMT)

    I think your your web site is brilliant John,has it been running long. Maybe you can give me some tips for the clubs site. Is it getting people to you yet??

  • Ruth Hodgson (Tuesday, March 13 12 07:50 pm GMT)

    Hi Dad, just visiting to compare your website to mine! You've got loads of new pictures I haven't seen and I particularly like the one of Bideford long bridge in the mist. I know too that many of
    your pictures are even better full size and mounted. Proud daughter moment!

  • Gesa Ward (Wednesday, November 23 11 06:26 am GMT)

    Stunning John, well done!!! You have perfected your talent.